5 mistakes you and your boyfriend make when you use condoms

1 year ago

Do you think it’s so simple that there’s no chance to fail? We have bad news for you: many people don’t know how to use condoms correctly. In this article we’ll watch through the most common mistakes.

You don’t let air out of condom tip

If you use condoms with reservoir for sperm (it’s called sperm-collector) and more often if you use condoms with anatomical shape it has a space that sticks out (where head of penis is placed). Don’t stretch the rubber so it would disappear. When you put the condom on you should squeeze this place with fingers so the air could go away. If you don’t do it the condoms can get torn. By the way there is information about it in a manual but reads manuals anyway?

You use condoms with an oil lubricant

The most today lubricants on a water or silicon basis are compatible with condoms. But there are hybrid lubricants that have oil in them and they must not be used with condoms because oil destroys latex. Also you must be attentive with oils for erotic massage. Ordinary massage oil is not compatible with condoms, intimate massage oil can be good with them, but you should read through manual or ask recommendations in the shop.

You put on condoms only before climax not before penetration

Many couples use condoms only as contraception think that it’s enough to put it on before ejaculation. First while sex a preejaculate is produced – not so much as female natural lubrication, so not many even know about it. And it can have some sperm in it (still no one can say definitely). And second men sometimes say that they control themselves but if they

are excited very much they can miss the moment of ejaculation.

You always have condoms in your pocket or a wallet

Beautiful young girl inflates the condom. Isolated on black background

Yes it’s good that you and your partner are always ready. But in fact condoms must be kept very carefully: their reliability can be lowered by high or low temperature. So it’s better to keep in a dark place like in a wardrobe.

You continue sexual intercourse after your partner ejaculated

There are such heroes who try to make a woman climax after they climaxed. It’s good if they do it with their fingers or a tongue. But not by penis in a condom. After ejaculation penis becomes smaller – so the condom can be left in a woman’s body with sperm pouring from it. Not the best scenario.

Alison Bean