7 things that men secretly dream about

1 year ago

What does your boyfriend want from you in a bed? It’s not about acrobatic tricks or some mysterious technics.

He dreams about a girl who wants sex

Girls wait that men always initiate sex – a clinical sexologists say – but in fact men also girls to show that they want it.

There is nothing more exciting than a girl who is not shy to reveal her desire.

He wants to see you masturbating

Masturbation is a very intimate process and the same time very exciting for the person who watches it. It’s not a surprise that sites with web-cam girls who masturbate on camera are so popular. But in fact not every man will wait until you finish the most of them will rush to “help” you.

He wants to hear compliments

Don’t be quiet! If you like something just say about it. Men always remember a girls who can express her admiration in bed.

But in some moments a long speech can be unappropriate, then don’t forget about sensitive moans and groans of delight.

But of course if it’s natural for you, because if you do it just for him not feeling it he will feel falsehood.

He wants you to take responsibility for your pleasure too

Most of the men will definitely want to please you but no one except you know exactly how to it. So do your homework. And understand what you really want and like while you masturbate. Don’t be shy to give clues in the process. Don’t make your sweetheart to feel like he is in some unknown territory without a map.

He wants to repeat his favourite porn

You should be attentive with it, porn seldom looks like real life situations. And efforts to live through favourite plot can damage relationship. For example threesome can simply destroy intimacy between partners. Still porn can be a great source of inspiration. For example your boyfriend say he wants anal sex as in the movie? Explain him that you need special preparation (if you agree to do it at all of course) and go and buy special lubricant and anal plug in a sexshop.

He doesn’t want you to criticize him

It’s important for men to know that if they reveal their dreams and desires you won’t feel despise towards them. That you are not gonna suggest something starting with a phrase “You will never…” (change it for “Why don’t we…”). Especially men are vulnerable when the matter is about erection absence. If he is tired, or too drunk, sick and is not ready to have sex now, no need to take it personally and moreover to try to fix it at once.

He doesn’t want you to worry much

In more exact words he wants you feel comfortable in your body. Don’t ask him to switch off lights because you are shy.

Or worry about cellulite or stretches in some inappropriate moments. Don’t refuse any poses where as you think you can look not sexy. Your stress spoils his pleasure and yours!

Alison Bean