5 reasons why men refuse sex

1 year ago

You boyfriend is not a sex toy he’s got a right to refuse sex sometimes. But sometimes he doesn’t want you for too long and if you ask him questions about he says “everything is ok”. Is it so? In this article we’ll speak about reasons why men don’t want to have sex sometimes.

He doesn’t feel your emotional response

Relations are nothing if partners don’t give each other different emotions and feelings. These are emotions which make men feel desire and different wishes: to caress a girl, show her who is the leader, show her some tenderness. But there must an impulse to do it. No you don’t need to make a scandal or behave like a little child. But find a way to give him different shades of feelings.

Your sex is too boring

Boredom. It can be a reason for really many problems. And yes fresh feelings are important for men. If you go home and know that you gonna for lunch the same meal it is good for two days but then you gonna have acid reflux.

Verified sexual experience is a task for both partners but males don’t make it because they are afraid to hurt girls’ feelings. So maybe you’ll have to take the first step.

He is afraid to fail

A couple of times he failed and his girl laughed at him. Men’s esteem is very vulnerable and now he tries to avoid such situations so he avoids sex. What should you do? We hope you are not the girl who laughed at him. Failures can happen with everybody and it’s better to show that nothing terrible happened (he will be really grateful to you). To ease the fear of failure you can try to steal sex from him: start with a usual relaxing massage and than make it more erotic. Not at once but he will get relaxed. And you’ll become a magician in his eyes.

He is full of emotional stress

This factor influence stronger than physical fatigue. Problems at work, mortgage, car malfunctions can become reasons of his low sexuality. Even simple troubles with health can make him too nervous and stressed.

Testosterone rate is low

Reasons can be endless: age, stress, physical condition. Pay attention at his health and maybe you should recommend that he should visit a doctor.

Alison Bean